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      自2003年成立,上書房持守管理的開放性,其不僅體現于設計團隊,同時還將面向任何志同道合的合作者。此外,上書房注重境外機構的鏈接, 2010年春與意大利TORINO建筑設計公司形成戰略合作伙伴,公司于2017年升級為建筑工程甲級。

    Architectural innovation under the cultural horizon is a long-lasting design philosophy
    The study focuses on the cultural attributes of architecture. After all, architecture is an art. No art can exist without it. Through forward-looking cultural ideas combined with modern technology, people wander in the beautiful world of architecture and nature - unique due to culture! This design philosophy of the study room gives the building a permanent taste and vitality.

    The study also devotes to the connection and development between architecture, ecology and environment: the adaptation of climate, the concept of ecology, the sustainable development and the return to nature landscape. This awareness not only respects the human nature, but also reflects the value orientation and social responsibility of the study room.

    The team of doctors supported by the expert consultants is the driving force of the study

    With the support of well-known expert consultants, the study room has formed a design and development team consisting of several PhDs and masters who can apply the most cutting-edge ideas and scientific research to design practice. As a result, many projects will be awarded numerous awards. The originality and reality of the design has always been the ultimate goal pursued by the study.

    The open management system is the intrinsic gene for the future development of the study

    Since its establishment in 2003, the study room has been open to management, not only in the design team but also in the business of any like-minded collaborators. In addition, the study focuses on the link between the border agencies and the outside world. In the spring of 2010, it formed a strategic partnership with Italian TORINO architectural design company.

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